Monday Dec 17, 2018

Cameron, Cody and Brad

In Groups of 3, “Waterfall Style” 8 Rounds each of:
21 Pushups
15/12 Calorie Row
100ft Handstand Walk
3 Rope Climbs
Rest 1:00 Minute between rounds
Post scores to comments 

Box Brief:
Monday Dec 24, 2018- OPEN GYM 5:30am-11:30am
Tuesday Dec 25, 2018- Box Closed- Christmas Day
Wednesday Dec 26, 2018- Box Closed- Boxing Day
Monday Dec 31, 2018- OPEN GYM 5:30am-11:30am
Tuesday Jan 1, 2019- Box Closed- New Years Day


3 thoughts on “Monday Dec 17, 2018

  1. Great night of training. The workout with the 4:30 class was a good grind. Everything felt strong and worked on 1 minute of open-floor handstand holds (trying to crush the weaknesses).

    Got the privilege of coaching a solid 5:30 class with lots of hustle.

    Finished the night off with high-hang clean work at the Barbell Club with great queues and corrections from Coach Bhillie. If you need to work on your cleans, jerks and snatches – this is the class for you and Bhillie is definitely the coach.

    Training doesn’t get much better.

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