Tuesday Feb 12, 2019


*****The Gym will be closing today at 1:00pm due to the weather*****

3 Rounds for time, resting 3:00 minutes between rounds
3 Rope Climbs
25/20 Calore Bike/Air Runner
15 Burpee BGO
25/20 Calore Bike/Air Runner
3 Rope Climbs
Post scores to comments 



7 thoughts on “Tuesday Feb 12, 2019

  1. 34:35 RX
    Used the air runner 3 out of 6 times. This machine is so smoooooooth, it’s amazing! Great addition to the gym. Thank you, guys.

    #armsFailing #CantSqueezeMyWaterBottle

  2. I decided to not venture into the office this morning and work from home. I did 3 rounds of 20 kb swings, 400 meter run, 15 burpees over the bed, 400 meter run, 20 kb swings resting 3 minutes between rounds. Took me just under 25 minutes to complete.

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