Monday April 15, 2019

April 2019 CrossFit Division Athlete of the Month: Sandy H

What is your favorite exercise/movement in CrossFit? Least favourite?
Favourite? Cleans! Least favourite…..the ones that I can’t  do….YET, like pullups.

What is your biggest strength you are bringing to CrossFit?
Attitude. I love being around intentional people.

What’s your favorite cheat food?
Is wine a food?

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit?
Outside of CFD, I spend my days at Home Hardware’s Dealer Support Centre in St Jacobs managing a Building Products Category. My husband and I love to travel, and when we’re not jet setting we’re hanging at home with our 2 dogs. 

What motivates you to workout every day?
I want to be so strong, physically and mentally. This is so important to me as I grow older. I’m so inspired/motivated by our community of audacious individuals.

        What advice would you give someone who is hesitant to join CrossFit?
Yes, YOU can do it. The coaches will scale any movement for your needs/abilities. NO. You don’t need to get in shape before you come. Don’t let that negative voice discourage you before you’ve even taken a chance on yourself. It’s truly for everyone. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people that want nothing more than to watch you succeed, it’s a pretty incredible thing to feel and to witness. CrossFit has changed so many facets of my life; I’m very grateful that I am afforded the privilege to do this.

Part 1. 3 Rounds for time
50 Wallballs 20lbs/14lbs
10 Strict Pullups
TIME CAP 15:00 Minutes

Part 2. Clean and Jerk Complex
Set 1. 3 Squat Cleans+ 1 Jerk
Set 2. 2 Squat Cleans+ 1 Jerk
Set 3. 1 Squat Clean+ 1 Jerk
Ascend in weight after each set.

Box Brief:
Friday April 19, 2019- Good Friday, Box will be closed
Monday April 22, 2019- Easter Monday, OPEN GYM 5:00am-11:00am
Saturday May 25, 2019- Be Relentless: Partner Challenge



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