Wednesday May 8, 2019


2019 CrossFit Online Qualifier, Event 2
For Time:

80 Burpees over paralettes.
4000m Row
Post scores to comments 

Box Brief:

Tomorrow, Thursday May 8, 2019- Bring a friend day, all classes are free to try for new atheltes.



8 thoughts on “Wednesday May 8, 2019

  1. I’m out of town this week… so did this at Anytime Fitness.
    Time: 26:15
    Did the burpees in an 8min EMOM style… then slow and steady on the rower. RIP Brittany

  2. 22:09 RX
    I thought the burpees would suck but rowing for 16min was tough.
    Thanks to Seth for training alongside me at the 5:30am class.

  3. that was a mental wod for sure
    I like the time cap as it pushes me to maintain a pace when i really didn’t want to lol
    27:38 rx

  4. I think my time was just slightly over the 30 min time cap (staggered start and didn’t look at the clock). 70 Burpees + 80 Cals on the bike + 2000m row. Thanks to Mandy for sticking with me on the rowing. 🙂

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