Wednesday Oct 9, 2019


In Teams of 3-4, Waterfall Style, 6 Rounds each of:

21/18 Calorie SkiERG
15 Bench Press #155/#95
3 Rope Climbs

Post scores to comments 

Box Brief:
Tomorrow, Thursday Oct 10, 2019- Bring a Friend Day, All classes are free to try for new Athletes.
Saturday Oct 12, 2019- 9:00am-12:00- OPEN WOD 20.1


12 thoughts on “Wednesday Oct 9, 2019

  1. 27:18 (#135 bench press)

    Great 6:30am class with coach Cam!
    Trained alongside Dave V. (the legend) and Mr. Boogie.
    Thank you, folks!

  2. Great Job Sergio … Fitness was achieved . I fell 1 rope climb and 6 bench press short of finishing under the 30 min time cap. Performed as prescribed . #shouldOfWentFaster

  3. That was hard. #85 for the bench press, and just kind of hung a few inches off the ground and practiced footing for the rope climbs. Coach Dave was awesome at the 6:30PM. 🙂

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