Thursday Oct 31, 2019

Happy Halloween

3 Rounds
2:00 Row for Calories
-Rest 1:00-
2:00 SkiErg for Calories 
-Rest 1:00-
2:00 Assault Bike Calories
-Rest 1:00-
This workout is all about consistency. Try and maintain a moderate/fast pace on the machines. Goal is to stay within 5-10 calories of you first round.
Post scores to comments 


2 thoughts on “Thursday Oct 31, 2019

  1. Good Conditioning today! got the opportunity to train with the noon class today! Good times as always!
    Round 1.
    SkiERG 40 Calories
    Row 37 Calories
    Bike 37 Calories

    Round 2.
    SkiERG 41 Calories
    Row 41 Calories
    Bike 39 Calories

    Round 3.
    SkiERG 42 Calories
    Row 42 Calories
    Bike 41 Calories

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