Friday Nov 15, 2019


In Teams of 2 complete the following for time
1000m Row
16 Squat Cleans #225/#155

800m Row
14 Squat Cleans #225/#155
600m Row
12 Squat Cleans #225/#155
400m Row
10 Squat Cleans #225/#155
200m Row
8 Squat Cleans #225/#155
Partition meters and reps as needed with your partner
Post scores to comments 


5 thoughts on “Friday Nov 15, 2019

  1. I used #155 cleans and finished in 25min-ish.
    Small 6am class but great energy! We did the workout solo, splitting the reps in half but keeping all the meters on the rower as a bonus (DV’s idea, of course).

    #TripleExtensionnnnn #TruTru

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