Wednesday Nov 27, 2019

Heba, Tracy and Amanda

Every 5:00 Minutes for 20:00 Minutes (4 Rounds)

25/20 Calorie Row/ SkiERG
20 Burpees over Parallettes
-Followed by-
In Teams of 2: Every 2:00 Minutes, Alternating movements for 16:00 Minutes
Odd Minutes: 4- Front Squats*
Even Minutes: 4- Bench Press*

Athletes Notes

*Athlete 1 starts with the Front Squats as Athlete 2 starts with the Bench Press, Alternating every 2 Minutes
*Build up in weight each round that passes with your partner, Starting at #155/105 for the Front Squats and #95/#65 for the Bench Press

Box Brief:

Friday November 29, 2019- Holiday Party 7:00pm until it gets weird.


One thought on “Wednesday Nov 27, 2019

  1. Solid work today! especially with the studs at 0630!!
    Part 1.
    Round 1. 3:10
    Round 2. 2:55
    Round 3. 2:43
    Round 4. 2:33

    Part 2.
    Bench Press: #185
    Front Squats: #205
    Partnered up with Mac#11 and Boogie couldn’t stop sweating!!! 😉

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