Tuesday Dec 17, 2019


21 DAYS OF GAINS: Day 17 of 21

A1) Bench Press (heavy): 5-5-5-5-5
A2) Max Reps Pushups, until failure, 5 sets

B1) DB Seated Press: 8-8-8
B2) Plate Front Raises: 8-8-8 (tempo 4:0:4:0)
B3) DB Lateral Raises: 8-8-8 (tempo 4:0:4:0)

C1) Dips (rings/boxes): 5-5-5-5
C2) DB Skull Crushers: 12-12-12-12
C3) Standing Banded Tricep Extensions: 15-15-15-15

Box Brief:
Saturday Dec 21, 2019- Holiday WOD/21 Days of Gains Finale.


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