Friday Jan 3, 2020



In Teams of 2, complete the following for time
100 Calorie ROW
100 Burpees
100 DB Front Squats 50lbs/35lbs
20 Rope Climbs
100 Calorie ROW
*40:00 Minute Time Cap
*Partition reps as needed with your partner
*One Athlete working at a time


7 thoughts on “Friday Jan 3, 2020

  1. Great Friday morning WOD @ 5am. Partnered with Siobhan (she did RX, and I scaled the squat weight and the rope climbs). Finished in 33 mins or in around there.

  2. Might have attended the 5am class if I didn’t think that it started at 5:30 – whoooooops.
    Did 70 cals on the ski, 30 wall balls and 1 mile run.
    Also, the ladies bathroom was sparkling clean!

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