Saturday Feb 15, 2020

Mike & Pat

In Teams of 2 complete the following for time
60 GHD Situps
30 Squat Cleans #225/#155
40 Ring Muscle ups/ Bar Muscle ups/Burpee Pullups
30 Squat Cleans #225/#155
60 GHD Situps

Athlete Notes:
GHDs are ideally done in 2-4 sets.
*Squats can be done as singles.
*Squat clean should not be more than 75% of your max.
*Muscle ups are ideally done in sets of 5 or more.
*Time Cap of 30:00 Minutes*
Post scores to comments 

Box Brief:
Monday February 17, 2020- Gym will be closed to reflect the Family Day Holiday


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