Wednesday March 25, 2020


/Without Equipment
5 Rounds
400m Run or 1:30 of High Knees
20 Pushups
20 Cossack Squats (total)

WOD with Equipment
5 Rounds
400m Run
100ft Handstand Walk
20 Alt. DB Hang Clean and Jerks (total)
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Box Brief:
CrossFit Division will be closed until Sunday April 5, 2020.  It is our responsibility to keep our family safe. During these 2 weeks that we are closed the gym will be throughly cleaned to ensure a safe environment for when we return. Please stay tuned for more information.
Thank you.

“Heroes in Life, Not Death”


9 thoughts on “Wednesday March 25, 2020

  1. Did a bit of a mix’n’match today

    5 Rounds
    1:30 of High Knees
    20 Pushups
    20 Alt. KB Clean and Jerks (14kg)

  2. I did a version of a WOD I did several years ago:
    1600 meter run
    50 Alternating DB snatch, 50lbs
    50 Box jumps
    1200 meter run
    35 Alternating DB snatch, 50lbs
    35 Box jumps
    800 meter run
    20 Alternating DB snatch, 50lbs
    20 Box jumps

  3. 5 Rounds
    – 500m run (around my crescent)
    – 20 double KB strict press (@15lbs)
    – 20 SA KB Clean&Jerk (@35lbs)
    Time: 32:18

    I hope everyone is doing well! Solo workouts aren’t as fun!

  4. 30:05 with Johnstone1
    5 rounds
    400 m run
    Handstand walk 3 lengths of our back porch (~90 sec)
    20 alt high DB clean and jerk #35

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