Sunday March 29, 2020


Sunday Virtual @ Home WOD:
We had so much fun on Friday during our first virtual WOD! It was amazing to sweat and connect with everyone.
We want you and the family to join us on SUNDAY at 10am.
How will it work?
A coach will lead the class virtually – including a warmup, walking us through the workout, and some mobility/stretching at the end!
All you need to do is click on this link at 10am
Technical Requirements:
You do not need to register for a Zoom account! 
You can log on via tablet, cell phone or computer. If using a device, simply download the Zoom App and click on the link above when it’s time for class.
We have found that using a laptop allows for you to see everyone a bit easier, if that matters to you!
If you have any questions, send us an email or a message on social media!


WOD Without Equipment– AMRAP 8:00 Minutes 
8 Burpees
40 Double Unders/ High Knees
Rest 2:00
AMRAP 8:00 Minutes
8 Burpees
16 Alt Chair Step Ups (Total)

WOD With Equipment– AMRAP 8:00 Minutes 
12 Hand Release Push Up
12 Alt. Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerk 1×50/35 (OR whatever weight you have at home)
Rest 2:00 Minutes
AMRAP 8:00 Minutes
12 Dumbbell Alternating Step Ups (Total)
12 Hand Release Push Up

Midline Finisher
8 Rounds:
“Tabata” Russian Twists (:20 on/:10 off) with or without an object
Post scores to comments 

Box Brief:
CrossFit Division will be closed until Sunday April 5, 2020.  It is our responsibility to keep our family safe. During these weeks that we are closed the gym will be throughly cleaned to ensure a safe environment for when we return. Please stay tuned for more information.
Thank you.

“Heroes in Life, Not Death”


2 thoughts on “Sunday March 29, 2020

  1. Clean/jerk w/ 45 lbs
    Step ups w/ 25 lbs and vest
    Push ups w/ vest
    Russian Tabata w/ 10 lb plate

    There was absolutely no counting … Just breathing.

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