Tuesday April 14, 2020


For Time
400m Run
100 Double Unders, 50 Situps, 400m Run
80 Double Unders, 40 Situps, 400m Run
60 Double Unders, 30 Situps, 400m Run
40 Double Unders, 20 Situps, 400m Run
20 Double Unders, 10 Situps, 400m Run
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Check out Coach Sharon talking about today’s workout.


9 thoughts on “Tuesday April 14, 2020

  1. Did a variation of Sunday’s wod:

    Chair Step-Ups w/35 lb DB
    Single Arm Thursters w/35 lb DB (alternating every 5)
    Chair Dips


    • Joined Jess for this one. Did Sunday’s WOD as programmed with my 14KG kettlebell

      40-30-20-10 Reps
      Alternating Chair Step-ups
      Single Arm KB Thrusters (switch arms every 5 reps)
      Lateral burpees over the KB


  2. I did Workout 2 of the fundraiser yesterday so decided to not run today to give me calves a break.
    Today I did

    5 Rounds For Time:
    Assuault Bike, 15 calories
    95lb Thruster, 12 reps
    Toes-to-bar, 12 reps


  3. Traded box step ups for runs.
    50 step ups
    100 s skips 50 sit ups 50 step ups
    80 s skips 40 sit ups 40 step ups
    60 s skips 30 sit ups 30 step ups
    40 s skips 20 sit ups 20 step ups
    20 s skips 10 sit ups 10 step ups

  4. Totally regret not doing this in the morning when it wasn’t SNOWING! 38:17, subbed double the number of single unders.

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