Thursday April 16, 2020

Some of CrossFit Divisions finest Coaches

With Equipment -5 Rounds for time
100m Single DB Farmers Carry
200m Run
30 DB Swings

Without Equipment- 5 Rounds For Time:
100m Odd-Object Carry
200m Run
30 Odd-Object Swings
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Check out Coach Brad talking about today’s workout.


5 thoughts on “Thursday April 16, 2020

  1. Concentrated on conditioning. today. I couldn’t decide when to put the Assault bike so I put it in front of each movement for fairness 🙂

    6 Rounds OTM (36 Minutes):
    Minute 1: 12 Calories Asasult Bike
    Minute 2: 15 Wallball Shots
    Minute 3: 12 Calories Assault Bike
    Minute 4: 12 Burpees
    Minute 5: 12 Calories Assault Bike
    Minute 6: 35 Double-unders

  2. Used a 30lb DB for the farmers carry and the swings. Took about 20 mins.

    Finished with:
    4×10 walking lunges per leg
    4×10 single rdls
    4×10 calf raises
    50 step-ups
    (Thanks Meg for the idea!!)

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