Tuesday April 21, 2020


AMRAP in 23:00 Minutes
23 Air Squats
23 Pushups
23 Kettlebell Swings
23 Jumping Lunges
23 Situps
23 Box Jumps/Stepups

Devastating to hear Cst. Heidi Stevenson was lost in the despicable act of violence in Nova Scotia, Sunday April 19, 2020.
A mother to 2 children & 23-year peace officer who laid down her life to protect others. May we never take for granted the sacrifices made by law enforcement to keep us safe.


18 thoughts on “Tuesday April 21, 2020

  1. I’m doing this on Saturday at noon good luck and thank you to all the people sweating and working hard to honour this women.

  2. 4 rounds and 7 reps of squats. Had to modify to regular lunges (due to nap time 😂). Enjoyed this one, wish I had a higher box!

  3. 4 Rounds + 101 reps
    –> scaled to knee pushups
    –> 35lb KB

    Great workout and great way to honor Cst Heidi Stevenson!!

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