Thursday April 23, 2020


Part 1. Active Rest Day or 40:00 Minutes for quality
10 Burpees, NO Jump
5 Turkish Get Ups (R/L)
15 Supermans
1:00 Wall Sit Hold
20 Deadbugs (Controlled)
:45 Sit Ups
:45 Alternating Leg V-Ups
:45 Flutter Kicks

Part 2. 5:00 Corpse Pose
*If you’re able, find a quiet space and lay down flat on your back. Set a timer and focus on breathing deeply. During this time, recognize any thoughts that come to your mind. Any negative feelings that arise about yourself, the world, or others, let them go. Recognize that you are not attached to those feelings. Any positive feelings that arise, be grateful for them, and let them go. Focus on your breath!

Check out Coach Brad talking about today’s workout


4 thoughts on “Thursday April 23, 2020

  1. I did the following today. Been wanting to try it for a while

    2014 Crossfit Games Event 7
    For Time
    400 meter Run
    18 Muscle-Ups
    400 meter Run
    15 Muscle-Ups
    400 meter Run
    12 Muscle-Ups
    Time Cap: 18 minutes
    Each time the athlete breaks a set of muscle-ups they must run a 200-meter lap.

    I made it 8 muscle-ups into the round of 12 before the time cap. Finished it in 18:34

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