Thursday April 30, 2020


*Reminder today, that there will be no Zoom Classes*

20:00 Minute Light pace– Jog/Row/Bike
Followed by some
accessory work
3 Rounds, not for time:
10-15 Bent Over Single Arm Rows (R/L)
15 Single Leg Calf Raises (R/L)
:45 Side Plank Hold (R/L)

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Check out Coach Brad talking about today’s workout


3 thoughts on “Thursday April 30, 2020

  1. Fun little workout with Rebecca and Seth this morning, finished it with

    50 bicep curls each arm
    50 skull crushers

  2. I actively rested through a half-murph today

    10 rounds
    5 neutral grip strict pullups
    10 pushups
    15 squats

    Why do I listen to Jess?

    • Figured it’s been a month since the last time we did Murph, and I was able to convince Travis to do it with me.

      10 rounds: 5/20/30 w/14 lb vest

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