Tuesday May 5, 2020



For Time
20 Strict Pullups/ 40 Odd Object Rows
400m Run
40 Double DB Power Cleans/ 40 Odd Object Ground to Shoulder
800m Run
40 Double DB Push Jerks/ 40 Odd Object Shoulder to Overhead
400m Run
20 Strict Pullups/ Odd Object Rows
Target Time 18:00 Minutes
Time Cap: 25:00 Minutes

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Check out Coach Sharon talking about today’s workout https://youtu.be/hsfLLcDTmQY


6 thoughts on “Tuesday May 5, 2020

  1. Joined the noon zoom class for this one.
    For the movements, I used one 35lb dumbbell and alternated every 5 reps.

  2. Did this one over lunch, unfortunately just missed the Zoom class!! Time was 23:36 — slowest surprisingly on the push jerks. Everything with our only set of #30 DBs.

  3. Did this with the noon zoom crew. Used my 14kg kettlebell and finished in 15:14, then did another set of 40 cleans/jerks/rows to get closer to target time. Good mix of stuff in this one

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