Saturday May 16, 2020

Kay and Simone game planning todays WOD

10:30 am Handstand Clinic

Individual WOD
WOD- 3 Sets:
AMRAP 4:00 Minutes
40 Double Unders/ 30 Plate Hops
30 Jumping Air Squats or 10-10 Single Arm Thrusters (right/left)
– Rest 1:00 b/t sets-
*Start each AMRAP where you left off*

Partner WODIn Teams of 2- AMRAP in 22:00 Minutes
Partner A performs: 10/10 Single Arm Thrusters (right/left)/Odd Object (right/left)
10 Burpees
While partner B performs: 400m Run
*Partners switch after each run*
Post scores to comments

Check out Coach Will talking about today’s workout


2 thoughts on “Saturday May 16, 2020

  1. Jim and I did the partner wod with the zoom class this morning.
    We finished 9 rounds + 10 thrusters using 14lb wall ball for thrusters.

  2. Partnered with the lovely Seth and Mandy for this one. We finished 9 rounds exactly. Felt like a really long 22min hah. I did my thrusters with #45

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