Saturday August 29, 2020


Every 6:00 Minutes for 30:00 Minutes (5 Sets) perform the following:
20/15 Calorie Row or 15/10 Calorie Echo Bike
20 GHD Situps
20/15 Calorie row or 15/10 Calorie Echo Bike
2 Rope Climbs
20/15 Calorie row or 15/10 Calorie Echo Bike
Post times for each round to comments 


One thought on “Saturday August 29, 2020

  1. Great hustle this morning to all the classes!!! thanks for letting me jump into the 8:30am class!
    R1. 4:01
    R2. 4:06
    R3. 4:03
    R4. 4:07
    R5. 4:00
    Echo Bike Calories: 15 Calories per round
    GHD Situps: 20 Reps per round
    Rope Climbs: 2 Reps per round

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