Saturday October 3, 2020

October Athlete of the Month
Huge shout out to Ken a regular 0530 member who is always positive, welcoming and ready to get at it.
Shout out from Coach Seth:
“I have had the pleasure of coaching Ken at the 0530 class since he joined in January. Since then Ken has become a consistent member of our 0530 class and always arrives 10-15 minutes early to the gym, ready to work hard. Ken is always open to coaching advice and eager to improve his skills”

For Time:
1 Mile Run
50 Burpees to target
100/70 cal bike
50 Burpees over paralettes 
1600m Row
Post scores to comments

Box Brief: 
Every Wednesday, starting on Wednesday Oct 14, 2020- Power Yoga with Elly at 7:00pm- Sign up through Zen Planner


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