Wednesday October 21, 2020

CFD - 8-30-9-30am class Saturday-0527

3 Sets of: 21-15-9
Calorie SkiERG/ECHO Bike
Toes-Bar/GHD Situps/AbMat Situps
Deadlifts (Set 1. #185/#125, Set 2. #225/#155, Set 3. #275/#185)
Rest 3:00 Minutes b/t sets
Post scores to comments 


5 thoughts on “Wednesday October 21, 2020

  1. I used the Ski Erg and did straight leg sit-ups for today’s workout, and 105lbs, 115lbs, and 135lbs for the deadlifts!
    Didn’t keep exact times, but each round was just around the 9 minute mark.

  2. Did a variation of this at work today …
    3 Sets of: 21-15-9
    Calorie Row
    Knees to Elbow
    Dual Dumbell Deadlifts @40lbs
    Total time: 31:50

  3. Yea! that workout was a good challenge.!
    Set 1. 7:40 (#185)
    Set 2 . 8:50 (#225)
    Set 3. Finished the 21, 15 rounds plus 9 calories on SkiERG (#275)
    Great Coaching by Bev and Sharon:) thanks guys for letting me jump in with you.

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