7 thoughts on “Thursday October 29, 2020

  1. Hahah. Ya. “Make the last round your fastest” My thoughts during the last 3 min break “How the f… can I get this last one done in time”.
    Oh and by the way, if you want full looking lips , just let a 20ib wallball slip through your hands. Cheaper then lip injections.
    20ib wallball T2B/GHD/T2B
    Rd #1 3:22
    Rd #2 4:06
    Rd #3 5:49

  2. At least we all think the same things LOL
    Theme is “no”
    14 lb wall ball
    Rd 1 – 3:45 GHD
    Rd 2 – 4:25 toe to bar
    Rd 3 – 4:10 GHD

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