8 thoughts on “Thursday November 26, 2020

  1. Do you like when your lungs burn and you can taste blood in your mouth?
    Do you like feeling dizzy?
    Do you like have wet noodles for legs?
    … well then this workout is for you!

    Wallball – 16lbs
    Rope climbs – however many I felt like
    Time – no clue

  2. This workout was TOUGH- thanks to the 6:30am crew for cheering me to the finish!

    Used a 14lb wallball, and 9 ringrows for each break.

  3. Well holy he!! I needed a knight and shining armour on this one. Thoughts at the top of the rope climb at 100 wallballs in “WTF was I thinking w 20ib wallball” next thought…”how am I gonna get down”.. .. oh I know rope burn. The smell of burning rubber is glorious 😏. 50/25/15/25/20/15 (15 rope climbs)
    I’m with Brit Lungs flooded. @MBates, wtf! Impressed. But I have to say I was gonna text you some love hate words today🥰🥰. Miss ya girl.

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