Monday December 7, 2020


Burgener Warmup
Down and Finish: Speed through the middle
Elbows High and Outside: Keeping the Bar close
Muscle Snatch: Strong turnover
Snatch Lands (Power – 2”, 4”, 6”): Footwork
Snatch Drop (Full): Footwork 

Skill Transfer Exercises
Snatch Grip Push Press: Overhead strength
Overhead Squat: Core strength
Heaving Snatch Balance: Arm Speed
Drop Snatch: Foot/Arm Speed
Snatch Balance: Drive/Foot/arm speed

Power Snatch+ Hang Snatch+Snatch Complex
2 Sets: 1+1+1 (70%)
3 Sets: 1+1+1 (75%)
Post loadings to comments

Box Brief:
COVID-19 Self Assessment:


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