Monday January 4, 2021


Warm-up– 10:00 Minutes
1:00 Single Unders
2 Pullups
6 Push Presses, light weight
8 Deadlifts
12 Air Squats
followed by, 
with workout weight:
2 pull-ups
4 Push Presses
6 Deadlifts
8 jumping air squats

WOD AMRAP 18:00 Minutes
6 Strict Pull-Ups
9 Double Dumbbell Push Presses (50’s/35’s)
15 Double Dumbbell Deadlifts (50’s/35’s)
21 Jumping Air Squats
Post scores to comments

Modifications for Strict Pullups
-Reduce Reps
-Jumping pull-ups with a controlled negative.
-Banded strict pull-ups
-Bent Over Row
-Renegade Row 
-Odd object row 
-12 ring rows

Body Armor- Not for Time:
15-13-11-9-7: Double Dumbbell Bent Over Rows
:30s Hollow Hold after each set


36 thoughts on “Monday January 4, 2021

  1. Team JJT did the wod together this morning.
    I modified the push press to a banded strict press with a black band. Otherwise, Rx for the other movements. Finished 5 rounds + 3 pull-ups.

  2. Woo team JJT let’s gooooo

    5 rounds + 11 reps. Subbed pullups for 135# barbell rows, otherwise did the WOD with my 14kg kettlebell and a concrete dumbbell to match.

  3. Nigel and I did this together, I subbed pull-ups for plank with shoulder taps due to my shoulder.
    I Did 7 full rounds with 15 lb dumbells
    Nigel subbed pull-ups for renegade rows, he did 7 rounds with 20 lb dumbells.
    That was a deceiving workout!

  4. Had to modify this one…
    6 Ring Rows
    9 DB Push Press @25lbs’s
    15 DB Deadlifts @35lbs’s
    21 Jumping Air Squats
    –> 9 Rounds + 6 reps
    … is it still a jump squat if you only have 1mm clearance??

  5. As my back is still bad, I did 45 mins pilates with ring and upper body dumbbells.
    I’m hoping tomorrow I will be ok to do the fall wod. Fingers crossed!!

  6. Did renegade rows in lieu of pull ups. Eight rounds and 30 reps. Not sad about missing that final round of jumping air squats. 😁

  7. Zoom with Anshita!
    25#kb for bent over rows, push press and DL with jump squats
    Kept rep scheme
    8 rounds exactly

    After all the bent over rows we did plank shoulder taps in place for the accessory work

    • I love that you guys did zoom!!! Having an accountability partner as I said above is a game changer and it’s also way more fun 🤩

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