Monday January 18, 2021


3 Rounds
:30 Jumping Jacks/Single Unders
60: Flutter Kicks (total)
10 Reverse Lunges

AMRAP 12:00 Minutes
10 Alt. Box Step ups/ Alt. DB Snatch (50lbs/35lbs)
20 Alt. V-UPs
40 Plate Hops/ 60 Double Unders
Post scores to comments

Accessory “Ab Burner”
1 Round
1:00 Plank
30 Alt. Leg VUPs
1:00 Side Plank (right)
30 Alt. Leg VUPs
1:00 Side Plank (left)
30 Alt. Leg VUPs



28 thoughts on “Monday January 18, 2021

  1. I was able to get 5 and 2/3 rounds done…timer went while I was skipping…I alternated between 15# KB snatches and step ups and I did 90 SU each round.

  2. Did 40 mountain climbers in place of skipping. Used 20lbs for snatches (both arms!). Finished 5 rounds + 10 snatches.
    Didn’t want Jim to lap me in those final minutes!

  3. Team zoom CAM
    I’m chalking this up to a skill day Sets of 15 DU’s in first round then went for a crap after that. Ughhhhh!
    25#kb snatch
    20 V-ups
    60 DU
    3 rounds plus 5
    Makayla did box step ups, v-ups and line hops
    5 rounds plus 45

  4. Team Zoom CAM!

    5 rounds exactly
    20 lb snatches
    20 v-ups
    40 imaginary plate hops.

    Plus the accessory work, except we subbed v-ups for bird dogs, sit-ups and general stretching.

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