Saturday January 30, 2021


5:00 Minute Clock

:30 Jumping jacks/Single Unders
10 Crab Toe Touches:
10 Air Squats

3 Sets

1:00 Max Reps: Air Squats/ Double DB Front Squats (50lbs/35lbs)
1:00 Max Reps: Chair Dips/ Double DB Shoulder-Overhead (50lbs/35lbs)
1:00 Max Reps: Plate Hops/Line Hops/ Double Unders/ Single Unders
1:00 Max Reps: Burpees
1:00 REST
Post scores to comments

Accessory Work
5:00 Min Pistol Progression Work:
– Single leg squat from on top of box to floor
– Single leg squat to box
– Single leg rig assisted pistol (hanging onto rig/doorway for balance)

Bonus Stretching
5:00 Corpse Pose
*If you’re able, find a quiet space and lay down flat on your back. Set a timer and focus on breathing deeply. During this time, recognize any thoughts that come to your mind. Any negative feelings that arise about yourself, the world, or others, let them go. Recognize that you are not attached to those feelings. Any positive feelings that arise, be grateful for them, and let them go. Focus on your breath! Post in comments how it went!


9 thoughts on “Saturday January 30, 2021

  1. 2 x 20lbs for front squats and S2O, DU and burpees.
    Keep a cumulative total, but it was ~30 squats, ~15 S20, ~50 skips, ~13 burpees / round
    Rounds totals: 108, 109, 109

  2. 2x#20 for front squats and overhead. Single skips.
    Squats: 23, 22, 23
    Overhead: 24, 25, 23
    Skips: 76, 89, 87
    Totals: 134, 146 142 => 292

  3. Night shift got the best of me on the weekend. Tackled this one Monday mornings

    30lb DBs, dubs

    Now that I’m warm, on to Monday’s WOD!

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