Monday February 1, 2021


4:00 Minutes

15 Big Arm Circles (Forward/Backwards)
5 Pushups to Downward Dog Pose
:30 handstand hold or :30 Plank Hold

3 Sets, resting 2:00 mins b/t sets

8 Bent over single arm object row (each arm) or Table Rows/ DB Bent over rows (50lbs/35lbs)
8 Pushups/ Strict handstand pushups
Post scores tom comments

3 Sets
20 Supermans
10 Bird dogs (each side)
20 Glute Bridges

1:00 Frog Stretch
2:00 Childs Pose


17 thoughts on “Monday February 1, 2021

  1. Wod seemed too easy as posted. Something must be wrong with me…
    Subbed strict pullups for rows, push-ups with feet on the ottoman.
    2:23, 2:26, 2:09

  2. Like many great minds before me, I chose to scale this one up a bit and work on handstand pushup progression. 145# barbell rows and pike pushups off a chair

    1:46 / 2:23 / 2:14

  3. Shoulders were cooked after doing Saturday’s WOD right before this one.

    50lb DB/ strict HSPU


  4. I used a band to make the pushups more difficult … and cut the rest to 1 minute. Still finished in 04:50
    I did the following:

    5 Rounds
    – 20 Cal BikeERG
    – 15 SA KB push press @25lbs
    – 10 Ring Rows
    – 10/arm [glute bridge hold on wallball] SA chest press @35lbs
    * rest 1 min*

    …followed up with some Bi’s & Tri’s!

  5. I wasn’t sure about the set counts. So I did:
    3 rounds
    3 sets of:
    50# DB rows per arm
    Feet elevated push-ups.
    R1: 6:18 with 2:00 rest between sets.
    R2: 6:02 with 2:00 rest between sets.
    R3: 2:08 no rest.

    Today’s row was 5 x 500m/4:00 rest.
    1:41.1 avg/500m

  6. Team zoom cam.

    20lb dumbbell for the bent over rows. And tried to really focus on the kneeling pushup form instead of doing the worm as I got more tired.
    Total time : 7:34 with all the rest.

    The supermans in the accessory work were more fun.

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