Friday February 5, 2021


5:00 Minutes

6 Alt. Worlds greatest stretch
12 Crab Toe Touches
4 Pushups to Downward Dog Pose

OTM for 20:00 Minutes
Min 1. 20 Jumping Lunges/ 20 Single DB Reverse lunges (total)
Min 2. 15 Chair Dips/ 10 Alt. Devils Presses (total) (50lbs/35lbs)
Min 3. Max Reps Alt. Leg V-Ups
Min 4. REST
Post scores to comments

Accessory Work
3 Sets

:60 Wall Sit
:45 Plank
:30 Handstand Hold
*Rest as needed b/t movements and sets*

1:00 Seal Stretch
1:00 Pigeon Stretch (each side)

Box Brief
Link to Donate for Heroes in Life Fundraiser
If you would like to support


13 thoughts on “Friday February 5, 2021

  1. Used #20 for the movements. Cut to 8 devil press as I’m slow at those and 10 in a minute wasn’t quite happening.

    Total v ups: 207

    Clearly Jess and are doing them differently. Mine are more like a crunch with a kick up.

  2. Me and my trusty 14kg kettlebell back at it again today, with two lovely folks joining over a video call.

    8 devils’ press per round; am a big slow person.

    27/26/26/23/20 v-ups total. good consistency out the gate but I was getting real winded at the end there

    • Solid consistency Travis. While you may feel like the last couple rounds fell of with v-ups a couple more reps is only a matter of a couple more seconds. Nice work.

  3. lunges at 15 lbs, first 3 rounds of devils press with 15lbs then had to drop down to 10lbs for the last two rounds. But kept it at 10 reps all the way through.
    v-ups : 34, 30, 30, 42, 40

  4. Team zoom CAM
    30# for both lunge and devils press
    Hit 9 devils for the first 3 rounds and 8 for the last 2
    24, 25, 25, 26, 28
    Makayla 10# for lunge and hit sets of 10, 9,9,10 ,9 for devils
    31, 29, 29, 29, 30
    Ready for sip!

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