Saturday February 6, 2021


2 Rounds

1:00 Single Unders/Jumping Jacks
10 Air Squats w/ 2 second pause in the bottom of each rep
10 Alt. Scorpion Stretches (total)

AMRAP in 14:00 Minutes

15 Hand Release Pushups/ 15 Double DB Shoulder to Overhead (50lbs/35lbs)
45 Air Squats/ 50 Air Squats
60 Plate Hops/Line Hops/ 100 Double Unders
Post scores to comments

Accessory Work
3 Sets
10 Windmills (each side)
10 Hammer Curls (each arm)
10 Cat Cows

Bonus Stretching
5:00 Corpse Pose
*If you’re able, find a quiet space and lay down flat on your back. Set a timer and focus on breathing deeply. During this time, recognize any thoughts that come to your mind. Any negative feelings that arise about yourself, the world, or others, let them go. Recognize that you are not attached to those feelings. Any positive feelings that arise, be grateful for them, and let them go. Focus on your breath! Post in comments how it went!

Box Brief
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7 thoughts on “Saturday February 6, 2021

  1. Team JJT decided to do something a little different today.
    20 min AMRAP – Cindy.
    Pull-ups had to be strict with our little doorway setup, and I slapped on the 14lb vest too.
    10 Rounds + 2 pull-ups

  2. Team JJT did 20 min AMRAP of Cindy.
    I got in 10 rounds. Pull ups were good at 5 ea with a little black band for a small boost. Push-ups were tough though and I switched to from the knees starting at round 7.

  3. I modified this to make it “easier”

    Alternated between the push ups and dB shoulder to overheads at 10 lbs total between the rounds.

    And dropped the air squats down to 30 but with a 10lb weight instead. And 60 line hops.

    4 rounds plus 15 push ups.

  4. whoops forgot to comment.

    Can confirm JJT did 20m AMRAP of Cindy – I subbed 145# barbell rows for the pullups.

    Got 10 rounds + 10 reps.

    Chest is still super-stiff on Monday as I post this

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