Monday February 8, 2021


4:00 Minutes

8 Glute Bridges
4 Inch Worms to Pushups
12 Air Squats

4 Rounds
20 Box/Chair Step ups (total)/ 10 Double DB Power Clean (50lbs/35lbs)
10 Hand Release Pushups/ 10 Double DB Shoulder to Overhead (50lbs/35lbs)
20 Jumping Air Squats/ 10 Double DB Front Squats (50lbs/35lbs)
-REST 3:00 Minutes-
4 Rounds

20 Box/Chair Step ups (total)/ 10 Double DB Power Clean (50lbs/35lbs)
10 Hand Release Pushups/ 
10 Double DB Shoulder to Overhead (50lbs/35lbs)
20 Jumping Air Squats/ 
10 Double DB Front Squats (50lbs/35lbs)
Post scores to comments

2 Sets
:40 Hollow Hold
20 V-Ups
20 Anchored feet situps
– Rest 1:00 b/t sets-

Box Brief
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19 thoughts on “Monday February 8, 2021

  1. Still feeling dead from Saturday. Used the set of #35s which were a bit much. First round did 5/side for overheads and 5 squats. Second round cut to 5 cleans as well but did 5 double overheads, and still 5 squats ( so half the rx reps).
    6:13 and 5:13
    Arms so dead.

    Also vups right out of hollow hold is madness.

  2. Used my 14kg kb for the cleans (5 per arm) – my dumbbells clips aren’t the best and I was worried they’d come loose and my weight would fly everywhere if I tried to use them for cleans.

    Paired the KB with an equally sized DB for the squats and S2O though

    Consistency wasn’t quite where I wanted it
    5:33 first round
    6:32 second round

    Ab work for the accessory buuuurned

  3. Alternated the 15lb db on all movements.

    Round 1: 6:20
    Round 2: 5:22 ( went way faster once I figured out how to switch the dumbbell between my hands on the power clean )

  4. Community Zoom CAM
    30# alternating for all 3. Limitation is double overhead. Need to build strength for that.
    4:56 after first four then finished at 12:56
    Makayla 10# alternating and 20 air squats for first half did weighted squares for second
    5:32 and finished 13:22
    Spicy accessory in prep for all that ab work tomorrow

  5. My post was deleted? Tough crowd. Maybe the moderator will approve the rewrite?
    30#alternating as double overhead is tough
    4:56 and finished 12:34
    10# alternating with 20 air squat on first half
    Weighted squats on 2nd
    5:32 finished 13:22

    • Uh oh, this isn’t the first time right Crystal? Sounds like its time to take things up with the moderator hahaha. Rewrite looks great! Nice work Crystal and Makayla!

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