Tuesday February 9, 2021


8 Worlds Greatest Stretch (total)
12 Bicycle Kicks (total)
:30 Plank Hold on elbows

For Time
50 Sit ups
40 Alt. Reverse Lunges/ 40 Single DB Reverse Lunges (50lbs/35lbs)
40 Alt. Leg V-Ups
20 Jumping Lunges/ 20 Double DB Reverse Lunges (50lbs/35lbs)
-Rest 3:00 Minutes-
20 Jumping Lunges/20 Double DB Reverse Lunges (50lbs/35lbs)
40 Alt. Leg V-Ups
40 Alt. Reverse Lunges/40 Single DB Reverse Lunges (50lbs/35lbs)
50 Situps
Post scores to comments

Accessory Work
3 Sets
10 Tempo DB Bench Press (2 sec down/fast up)

10 Tempo DB Bent Over Row (2 sec down/fast up)
10 Banded Scap Squeezes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbjYjsJXzRo&feature=youtu.be

1:30 Butterfly Stretch
2:00 Frog Stretch

Box Brief
Link to Donate for Heroes in Life Fundraiser
If you would like to support paypal.me/pools/c/8wya3nhhdy


14 thoughts on “Tuesday February 9, 2021

  1. 15lbs for the single db and 30lbs for the double db on the lunges

    Round 1 : 6:23
    Round 2 : 6:39

    Any suggestions to sub the 400 m run tomorrow with?

  2. Team Zoom CAM
    30# as written- super spicy on the doubles whew!
    No weight as written
    She says consistency is her middle name lol

  3. 5k today. It was one of those, I’m hot, I’m cold, I’m hot ,I’m cold days of power walking!! And no, it wasn’t because of got flushes 😉😂

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