Wednesday February 10, 2021


50ft walk on toes
50ft walk on toes backwards
50ft walk on heels
50ft walk feet turned out
50ft walk feet turned in
50ft lunge walk-arms locked out overhead
50ft lunge walk- torso twists towards front leg
50ft butt kickers
50ft high knees
50ft bear crawl forwards
50ft bear crawl backwards
1 Round
50 Single Unders or Jumping Jacks
:30 Handstand Hold or :30 Plank Hold

400m Run
60 Plate Hops/ 60 Double Unders
20 Chair Dips/ 15 Strict HSPU
60 Plate Hops/ 60 Double Unders
20 Chair Dips/ 30 Double DB Deadlifts (50lbs/35lbs)
60 Plate Hops/ 60 Double Unders
20 Chair Dips/ 15 Strict HSPU
60 Plate Hops/ 60 Double Unders
400m Run
Post scores to comments

Accessory Work
3:00 Easy Walk

1:30 Hamstring Stretch (each side)
1:30 Couch Stretch (each side)

Box Brief
Link to Donate for Heroes in Life Fundraiser
If you would like to support


11 thoughts on “Wednesday February 10, 2021

  1. #35×2 for DL. Push-ups did with feet up on the ottoman. Single skips each time. In retrospect should have done 90 vs the 60.
    Time: 13:17

  2. Subbed 25 burpees for 400m run, DU, Kipping HSPU (with one ab mat), 2 x 35lbs for deadlifts.

    I was apparently slow enough on the HSPU to warrant Jim calling in “are you alright?” to which I responded “these are just tough!”. Tried to catch him on the final set of burpees but fell a little short.

  3. Also did 25 burpees for the run. 20 hand-release pushups for the HSPU. 60 line hops, 14kg double deads.


    Calves on fire after that one, so much hopping

  4. Team zoom cam!

    2 min shuttle run for the 400 m run. 15 divebombs from a chair for the first set of hspu, seated shoulder to overhead presses with 15 lbs x2 for the second set of hspu. 20lbs dbs deadlifts. 60 line hops all the way through


  5. 400m run (brr), 30 DU to make it manageable,30# double db DL and Hspu from the box
    25 burpees instead of run, 60 line hops, chair dips, 25# kb DL’s, subbed the hspu for seated 10# double DB press

  6. 5k. Back is finally feeling better, shoulder’s still not great but at least one out of two is great!! Can’t wait to get back to CF.

  7. Did this one Thursday… slightly modified.
    35 cal BikeERG
    60 DU’s
    15 Pike Pushups (from box)
    60 DU’s
    30 DB Deads @35lbs’
    60 DU’s
    15 Pike Pushups (from box)
    60 DU’s
    35 cal BikeERG

    Time: 13:27

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