Saturday February 13, 2021

Nick & Ken

4:00 Minutes
10 Reverse Lunges (total)
5 Pushups to Downward Dog Pose
5 Air Squats w/ 2 second pause in the bottom of each rep

3 Sets:
1:00 Max Reps: Object Ground to Overhead/ Single DB Box Step ups (50lbs/35lbs)

1:00 Max Reps: Cossack Squats/ Goblet Squats (50lbs/35lbs)
1:00 Max Reps: Flutter Kicks
1:00 Max Reps: Burpees/ DB Facing Burpees
1:00 Min REST
Post scores to comments

Accessory Work
3 Sets
15 Single Leg Glute Bridges (each side)
10 Bird Dogs (each side)
1:00 Wall Sit

Bonus Stretching
5:00 Corpse Pose
*If you’re able, find a quiet space and lay down flat on your back. Set a timer and focus on breathing deeply. During this time, recognize any thoughts that come to your mind. Any negative feelings that arise about yourself, the world, or others, let them go. Recognize that you are not attached to those feelings. Any positive feelings that arise, be grateful for them, and let them go. Focus on your breath! Post in comments how it went!

Box Brief
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6 thoughts on “Saturday February 13, 2021

  1. 2 x 20lb weighted step-ups (15 / round)
    35lb KB for goblet squats (25 / round)
    100 flutter kicks / round
    16/16/15 DB facing burpees per round:
    Totals: 156, 156, 155

  2. Quite the wod. Used 2x#20 for step ups, #35 kb for squats. Did regular burpees.

    Step ups: 14, 16, 14
    Squats: 18, 20, 18
    Flutter kicks: 90, 65, 70
    Burpees: 9, 8, 8

  3. Good little WOD. Paced my flutter kicks too much in the first couple of rounds, my third round got way more heh. Averaged ~18 stepups, ~22-25 squats, ~8 burpees per round. ~60 flutter kicks first couple of rounds, ~80 in the last round heh

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