13 thoughts on “Friday February 26, 2021

  1. 18:29 #35 @ 10 bbso
    Rounds 1-3 felt pretty good. Round 4 was spicy, and round 5 was straight 🔥. Took everything I had to step over that box the last few times. Probably looked like a geriatric patient.

  2. I used a 40-pounder and did step-overs instead of jumps. First two rounds I did 15, cut it down to 10 because I was taking too long.

    Didn’t quite get it under 20min, more like 21.

  3. Forgot how much the lungs burnt on that one. The open 17.1. Was my first ever open workout. Barely made time cap on it.
    Fast fwd a few years later being an athlete at Division, and maybe a better understanding of time management on some of these wods lol, I am excited I beat my time from 4 years ago. Thanks BBD #alwaysroomforgrowth
    #35 dB
    *15 burpee bj overs

  4. Almost forgot to comment on this one!

    I used 25lbs for the snatches, and then switched to 20lbs for set of 50, and scaled the burpee box jump overs to 10 part way through. Blew through the time cap on this one and finished somewhere around the 24min mark. This was a tough one for sure!

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