9 thoughts on “Monday March 1, 2021

  1. DNF. #95 was going well until I took a snatch to the face. Last one of round 4. Worst part was I was just feeling like I had nailed my snatch form. Nailed it alright.

    Once I was sure I wasn’t gonna bleed all over the place I did finish the round, but I had no appetite for more snatches and stopped there. That also was at time cap of 15m anyway.

  2. I also did not finish today! Got into Round 5 (#75), but in retrospect, should have scaled the burpees to 8 each round vs. 12. Oh well, still got a good workout in!

  3. 18:28 with 95# on the barbell. Shoulda modified something for sure but oh well at least I finished eventually 🙂

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