7 thoughts on “Friday March 26, 2021

  1. 21.3
    65lbs, knees 2 elbows, chin over bar pull-ups, jumping bar muscle ups
    Got to 13/30 bar mu in the time cap
    Thanks to Harrison for bringing us all #platesofvictory

    • Those red plates are the Mentos of lifting – the gains makers

      95# on the bar
      Knee raises, 11 pullups + 19 ring rows, plan was pushups for rd 3 (but didn’t get there)
      2 + 10 squats


  2. #75. Situps, db rows #35, push-ups.
    Completed 9/15 of the final thrusters at time cap.
    Successful complex at #137.
    Failed on hang clean at #157 and again on first clean.

    Those last thrusters after push-ups were mean. Organizers knew what they were doing.

  3. 21.3
    65lbs front squats and thrusters, with sit-ups, db rows, and push-ups.

    Failed 115# on the first go, but gave it another try and got it!

  4. Scaled for life!!!!

    Part 1:
    Rd 1: 20TTB + the other stuff @65lbs
    Rds 2&3: 15 Kipping Pullups + the other stuff @65lbs
    Finished: 13:06

    Part 2: 135lbs

  5. Open magic strikes again! Took a chance on RX and was able to hit 30 single TTB for the first time in a WOD!
    75 reps
    Next goal for 2021 – chest to bar pull ups.
    Loved the community tonight at the box – everyone rocked!!

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