Saturday April 3, 2021

CFD April Athlete of the Month: Wendy H

From the second Wendy showed up she has brought an energy and mindset that is the core of our community….. she is humble ~ always open to coaches suggestions and works to improve. Hungry ~ she always comes in works hard and is so consistent! Have yet to see her miss a day. People smart ~ basically you can count on her to make those around her laugh, with the help of her partner in crime Juli, there is never a dull moment and her messages about how her workouts go leave me keeled over laughing. She has come so far since she joined. I have watched her confidence grow and she is continually achieving new things! She is a great addition to our community and I am excited to see her continued successes.
-Coach Sharon

For Time:
1 Mile Run
100 Burpees
1 Mile Run
Post scores to comments


5 thoughts on “Saturday April 3, 2021

  1. Team JJT decided to do Kalsu today instead.
    100 Thrusters for time, but starting with and every minute on the minute – 5 burpees.

    After reading some tips online, decided to do it as a 20 min AMRAP of 5 burpees / 5 thrusters using 2 x 20lb dumbbells. Remained pretty consistent throughout all the rounds.
    Wondered to myself how these guys let me talk them in to doing this wod!

    • Omg, wtf was I thinking.
      Dearth of choices meant I had 2x#35 for this. Planned to do 3 burpees and 3 thrusters per min, but in round 7 I only got to 3 thrusters before dropping the dumbbells. Stuck with the 3 thereafter, and called it after round 20.

      • Saw today’s WOD and said to Jess “No way I’m running 2 miles, Thursday’s WOD with 2k split into 200m runs wrecked me”

        She came up with what you see above. Not sure if better.

        I slapped 75# on my barbell and stuck to 3 burpees / 5 thrusters per round. At around round 16 I skipped a round of thrusters for recovery, then did my last 4 rounds as 6, 6, 3, 5 and ended up finishing the whole 100 at 20:40.

        Then I spent 2 minutes on another plane of existence.

  2. Legs were actual jello on the last mile but other than that liked this wod a lot!


    Broke the burpees up into 10s

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