Monday April 5, 2021


5:00 Minutes
50 Single Unders/Jumping Jacks
10 Air Squats
:30 Handstand Hold/Plank


3 Sets:
1:00 Max Reps: Line Hops/Jumping Jacks/Double Unders
1:00 Max Reps: Cossack Squats/Alt. DB Squat Snatches 50lbs/35lbs
1:00 Max Reps: Box, Chair Step ups/Single DB Box Step ups 50lbs/35lbs
1:00 Max Reps: Wall Walks
1:00 REST


2 Sets
15 DB Bicep Curls (right/left)
15 Cat Cow Exercises 
15 Bulgarian Split Squat (right/left)

2:00 Mins Couch Stretch (right/left)

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7 thoughts on “Monday April 5, 2021

  1. Started with step-ups to offset equipment with Jim.
    Step-ups to 20″ box with 35lb db, wall walks, DU, 20lb DB snatches.
    Round 1: 89 reps
    Round 2: 90 reps
    Round 3: 88 reps

  2. Have to say much less inspired this lockdown but managed to get through everything especially with the help of some good motivating music. Hoping this is only 4 weeks long because I already miss CFD and all the people!
    Used 15 lb dumbbells as that is all I have at homed opted for Cossack squats as shoulder isn’t quite ready for the stability needed for DB squat snatches. Also did negative pushups instead of wall walk

  3. Back at it with Crystal on zoom!

    Round 1: 50 line hops, 20 db snatches # 15, 20 chair step ups, 50 shoulder taps
    R2: 70 line hops, 10 db squat snatches # 5, 20 chair step ups, 60 shoulder taps
    R3: 100 line hops, 10 db squat snatches # 5, 20 chair step ups, 60 shoulder taps

    Plus accessory work: bicep curls with 5lbs, cat cows, 15 split squats.

  4. The return of team zoom CAM!
    Apparently I’m out of practice on DU. 30# db squat snatch, 20# step up and wall walks (tricky on carpet)
    round 1 31 reps
    Round 2. 42 reps
    Round 3. 32 reps

  5. Did my step-ups and snatches with my 14kg kettlebell. Got roughly 60 jumping jacks, 10 squat snatches, 12 step-ups, and 2 wallwalks per round. Totals were 83/84/84

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