Saturday April 10, 2021



6:00 Minute Clock:
30 Single Unders/Jumping Jacks
5 Worlds greatest stretch (right/left)
10 Air Squats
:30 Plank Jacks

2 Sets

40 Alt. Leg V-Ups
30 Jumping Air Squats/30 Double DB Front Squats (50lbs/35lbs)
100 Plate Hops/Line Hops/ 100 Double Unders
30 Jumping Air Squats/
30 Double DB Front Squats (50lbs/35lbs)
40 Alt. Leg V-Ups
-Rest 3:00 Minutes b/t sets-

3 Sets:
10 Single Leg Glute Bridge Raises (right/left)
10 Bird Dog (right/left)
1:00 Wall Sit Hold
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4 thoughts on “Saturday April 10, 2021

  1. Since I don’t have a good set of matching dumbbells I loaded 95 onto the bar for the squats. I think that was a bit much; I burned out on them pretty hard. Did line-hops for the middle part.

    Round 1: 11:32
    Round 2: 16:02

  2. 2 x 20lbs for first set of squats in each round and 2 x 35lbs for second set each round.

    Round 1:7:44
    Round 2:8:46

    Double unders and we’re giving me a lot of trouble in the second round.

  3. Jess and I swapped the #20 and #35 for the squats in both rounds. So I did v-ups, #35×2 squats, 150 single skips, #20×2 squats, v-ups.

    8:12 and 10:06

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