Wednesday April 21, 2021


2 Rounds
1:00 High Knees
20 Alt. Bodyweight RDLs (total)
15 Air Squats

2 Sets, resting 3:00 minutes between sets
10 Jumping Air Squats/ 10 Double DB Hang Clean and Jerks (50lbs/35lbs)
10-20-40-60-40-20-10: Line Hops/Jumping Jacks *Start and finish with line hops/jumping jacks

10-20-40-60-40-20-10: Double Unders *Start and finish with double unders

3 Sets
15 Bent Over DB Rows (each side)
10 Tempo Goblet Squats (5 second negative, stand up fast)
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7 thoughts on “Wednesday April 21, 2021

  1. 15 lb dumbbell C and Js, started with 10 reps but lowered to 8 due to volume on shoulder. Left shoulder still feels weaker but slowly getting stronger. I opted for jumping jacks as I don’t have a skipping rope yet, soon though!!
    10:48 for first round and about the same
    For second round for a total of 24:23 including the rest

  2. Zoom with Crystal!

    Round 1: 11:00 mins, 10 reps for double dumbbell hang clean & jerk at 14lbs each, did jumps with double taps, except for the round of 60 where i modified jumping jacks.

    Round 2: 10:30 mins, still at 10 reps total per round but alternated the dumbbell at 19 lbs between sides. Double taps until the round of 60, then switched over to line hops.

    Plus accessory work. Spicy tempo squats.

  3. Zoom with Anshita who motivates me every day!
    I chose 30# alternating C & J and halved the rep scheme for DU’s
    Round 1 – 9:23
    Round 2 – 10:20
    DU’s were much better today with sets of 15-20 but wheezed a lot even in the cold air.

  4. Did this one a day late.

    Double unders and 2 x 20lbs for C&J
    Round 1: 9:50
    Round 2: 9:48

    Hollow Hold tabata for a finisher

      • Jumping jacks and 75# on my ghetto bench-press bar with vinyl-coated cement plates

        11:26 & 11:49

        My grip was blasted by the end

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