Tuesday April 27, 2022

Cindy, Alex, & Dave

2 Rounds
:30 High Knees
10 Glute Bridges
5 Pushups to Downward Dog
10 Air Squats

3 Sets
1:00 Minute: Max Burpees
1:00 Minute: Max Alt. Jumping Lunges/ Max Alt. DB Snatches (50lbs/35lbs)
1:00 Minute: Max Box Jumps *Step Downs/Tuck Jumps
1:00 Minute: Max Air Squats/Max. Single Arm DB Thrusters (50lbs/35lbs) *Switch arms every 10 reps
1:00 Minute REST

3 Rounds

30 Supermans
50ft Single Arm DB Overhead Carry (left)
50ft Single Arm DB Overhead Carry (right)

1:00 Alt. Calf Stretch
1:00 Seal Stretch
Post scores to comments


5 thoughts on “Tuesday April 27, 2022

  1. Used 35lbs for snatches and thrusters, and did step-ups to a 24″ box.
    Kept a cumulative score each round. Kept trying to close the gap on Travis but didn’t quite get there
    42, 46, 53

  2. Changed it up a bit to work around a sore ankle.
    Situps: 26, 28, 30
    Snatches #35: 22, 22, 24
    V-ups: 28, 30, 30
    Thrusters #35: 16, 18, 18

  3. Used 45 for the dumbbell weight, did step-ups to a 20″ box (max height I feel comfortable in the basement with for my clearance heh)

    60/57/57 total reps over the rounds, Jess biting at my heels the whole way

  4. Team Zoom CAM
    Burpees, 30# snatch, box jumps and subbed pull-up negatives for the thrusters (for Brad and getting those pull up goals)
    42, 42 and 40
    Mak did the same but box step ups and banded last pull downs
    She did RX burpees for the first time today!
    For accessory we changed it up 15 supermans with 15 prone arm raises
    The rest as written

  5. Had to switch it up a bit.
    Burpees: 11, 11, 12
    Snatches ( first round ) then push presses for round 2 & 3: 22, 24, 24
    Situps instead of box jumps: 23, 23, 24
    Hand release push-ups from knees instead of thrusters: 18, 15, 16
    Accessory work as Crystal mentioned above.

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