Tuesday May 4, 2021

Wendy & Juli

2 Rounds
1:00 Marching or High Knees
15 Reverse Situps
15 Glute Bridges

OTM for 20:00 Minutes
Min 1. 20 Cossack Sqauts (total)/ 20 Alt. Hang DB Clean and Jerk (50lbs/35lbs)
Min 2. 20 Alt. Chair Step ups (total)/ 20 Single DB Box Step ups (50/34lbs/total)
Min 3. Max Reps Situps
Min 4. REST

3 Rounds
3 Turkish Getups (each side)
5 DB Windmills (each side)
1:00 Wall Sit

1:00 Couch Stretch (each side)
2:00 Childs Pose
Post scores to comments


6 thoughts on “Tuesday May 4, 2021

  1. After doing DT yesterday, swapped out C&J for snatches. Used 35lbs for snatches and box step-ups.
    162 total sit-ups.

  2. Having done Cleans and Jerks yesterday, JJT swapped for snatches in min 1. Also opted for weighted step ups.

    Used #45, and took the first round to calculate an appropriate rep count. 16 snatches, 12 step ups.

    Total situps: 140

  3. Since I now have a wallball we opted for a WOD with wallballs. Found one online called Jerry Swinger
    30 wallballs
    30 KB swings
    60 box jumps/step ups
    30 KB swings
    30 wallballs

    We used a 20 lb DB and a 10 lb wallball, 20 inch box
    Nigel in 7:56 and me in 9:56, we had to have a little rest time to share the box.
    Felt good to get back to wallballs

  4. Similar to JJ above, T did snatches (45#, 20/rd), weighted step-ups (45#, 13/rd), and sit-ups

    Apparently I was the slow one on the situps though. I only got 23 per round, for 115 total

  5. Team zoom CAM
    Benchmark of 14 C&J and 12 step ups with 30#
    137 sit-ups
    Mak benchmark 18 C&J and 20 step ups
    140 sit-ups

  6. Team CAM.
    C&J at 20 lbs : 20 in the first round, dropped to 16 per round after.
    Chair step-ups at 15 lbs: managed 20 per round
    148 sit-ups

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