Friday May 7, 2021


50ft walk on toes, forwards
50ft walk on toes, backwards
50ft walk on heels
50ft walk feet turned out
50ft walk feet turned in
50ft lunge- arms locked overhead
50ft lunge- torso twist towards forward leg
50ft butt kickers
50ft high knees
50ft bear crawl forward
50ft bear crawl backwards
1 Round
10 Big Arm Circles (forward/backwards)
:30 Handstand Hold/:30 Plank Hold


2 Sets: AMRAP in 7:00 Minutes
3-6-9-12-15 etc….
Hand Release Pushups/ Strict Handstand Pushups
*100m Run after each set*
*Rest 3:00 Minutes b/t sets*


3 Sets
10 Bulgarian Split Squats (each side)
20 Deadbugs
5 Downward Dog to Upward Dog Transitions
Post scores to comments


7 thoughts on “Friday May 7, 2021

  1. Team JJT put a slight twist on the wod, swapping the run for 50ft farmers carry.

    I used 2x#45 and did pike push-ups off the box (from knees).

    R1: 15 push-ups + 25ft
    R2: 4/18 push-ups

    • 2 x 35lbs for farmer’s carry
      R1: Kipping HSPU – 4/12. Going upside did not feel the greatest today so switch to push-ups in round 2.
      R2: Push-ups – 8/21

      • 2×45 for the farmer’s carry, hand-release pushups. Consistent today for once: 1/18 pushups each set

  2. Team CAM!
    Hand release push-ups from the knees for me with 100 min runs.
    Got to end of 15 push-ups in round 1
    Completed the run after 15 push-ups in round 2.

    Plus accessory work.

  3. Team zoom CAM – what a burner but a good one
    100m run with hspu off the box
    Round 1 12/18
    Round 2 15/18

    Mak run with hand release push up
    Round 1 4/21
    Round 2 2/21
    Wishing all the Mom’s a happy Mother’s Day weekend!

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