Saturday May 8, 2021


5:00 Minutes

30 Plate Hops/Single Unders
15 Air Squats
:30 Single Arm Overhead DB Hold (each arm)


2 Sets

50 Line Hops/Jumping Jacks
30 Air Squats/20 Double DB Front Squats (50lbs/35lbs)
*Rest 1:00 Min*
50 Line Hops/Jumping Jacks
20 Burpees/ Double DB Shoulder to Overhead (50lbs/35lbs)
*Rest 1:00 Min*
50 Line Hops/Jumping Jacks
30 Jumping Air Squats/ Double DB Thrusters (50lbs/35lbs)
*Rest 3:00 Mins*

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4 thoughts on “Saturday May 8, 2021

  1. 50 JJ then 20 per movement with the DBs.

    I used the #45s, but after testing in warm-up decided to go single on the the thrusters (double on the squats and overheads).

    R1. 8:40
    R2. 9:48

  2. We weren’t sure if there were some numbers missing, so we did 20 reps of the dumbbell movement in each set.

    Jumping jacks and 2 x 35lbs. Feels good now to know I did the Rx weight, even though the thrusters felt brutal at the time.

    9:31 for the first round
    9:52 for the second round

  3. I thought the same thing with all the DB movements. Not sure I could have done 30 double DB thrusters, 20 was hard enough!!
    15 lb BDs
    8:09 1st round
    8:31 2nd round

  4. Forgot to post here yesterday. Did this one with JJ over videocall. Did all the dumbbell movements as 20s with a pair of 45lb dumbbells.

    9:04, then 11:20 – cardio and legs were burning after this one

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