Monday May 10, 2021


50ft walk on toes, forwards
50ft walk on toes, backwards
50ft walk on heels
50ft walk feet turned out
50ft walk feet turned in
50ft lunge- arms locked overhead
50ft lunge- torso twist towards forward leg
50ft butt kickers
50ft high knees
50ft bear crawl forward
50ft bear crawl backwards
1 Round
10 Worlds Greatest Stretch (5/side)
10 Air Squats w/ 2 second pause at bottom
10 Pushups to Downward Dog


AMRAP in 7:00 Minutes

200m Run
5 Strict Pullups/ 10 Single Arm Bent Over Object Row (each arm)
*Rest 2:00 Minutes
AMRAP in 7:00 Minutes
200m Run
10 Pushups
*Rest 2:00 Minutes
AMRAP in 7:00 Minutes
200m Run
15 Air Squats
*If you have a vest, wear it*

3 Sets
10 Windmills (each side)
10 Single Arm DB Upright Row (each side)
10 DB RDL (each side)

2:00 Minutes Couch Stretch (each side)
Post scores to comments


6 thoughts on “Monday May 10, 2021

  1. #45 on the rows.

    Finished 4 rounds each. Plus 50m and 100m in R2 and R3.

    I remember doing this same wod at home last year. Was a lot warmer that day.

    • I also too did 45# dumbbell rows, as well.

      My running is very slow compared to pre-hamstring-injury me, though. Good reason to work on it!

      3 rounds plus most of the 200m run each set

  2. Slapped on the 14lb vest for this one
    Strict Pull-ups: 4 Rounds + not very far of a run
    Push-Ups: 5 Rounds even
    Squats: 5 Rounds + 100m run

    I enjoyed this Murph-like wod!

  3. Baby Murph with Crystal! and I actually ran outside!
    4 rounds even with 15 lb dumbbell for bent over rows
    3 rounds plus 5 kneeling push-ups
    4 rounds plus 200 m

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