Saturday May 22, 2021


5:00 Minutes

10 Lateral Box Step Ups (each side)
20 Alt. Vups
10 Jumping Air Squats


2 Sets of 3 Rounds of:
20 Reverse Lunges (total)/10 Double DB Box Step Overs
25 Situps
20 Cossack Squats (total)/15 Double DB Front Squats (50lbs/35lbs)
*Rest 3:00 Minutes b/t sets*


3 Sets
20 Walking Plank Steps
10 Cat Cow Exercises
10 Birddogs (right/left)

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4 thoughts on “Saturday May 22, 2021

  1. I did yesterday’s today.
    20 lb DBs for deadlifts
    50 SU (initially was doing 70 but I was so uncoordinated this morning I kept running out of time)
    15 lb DBs for S2O

  2. 2 x 20lbs for step-ups to 20″ box, 2 x 35lbs for front squats
    Set 1: 6:33
    Set 2: 6:24

    I think the decrease in time on the second one is trying to finish before Jim since we were right on par in set 1.

  3. Having some foot pain so swapped out the stepups for 15 KB swings (#35), which seems to have been spot on as Jess and I were consistently close on time for those movements. Also used the one kb for goblet squats instead of front squats.

    Total time: 16:24
    R1: 6:34
    R2: 6:50

  4. Single 45# for stepups, double for squats.

    Set 1 8:08, Set 2 I accidentally stopped the timer after the first round so we’ll never know

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