Tuesday May 25, 2021


50ft walk on toes, forwards
50ft walk on toes, backwards
50ft walk on heels
50ft walk feet turned out
50ft walk feet turned in
50ft lunge- arms locked overhead
50ft lunge- torso twist towards forward leg
50ft butt kickers
50ft high knees
50ft bear crawl forward
50ft bear crawl backwards
1 Round
10 Alt. Worlds Greatest stretch
20 Glute Bridges 

3 Sets of:
Jumping Lunges (total)
*200m Run after each set of jumping lunges*
*Rest 2:00 Mins b/t sets*
3 Sets of:
21-15-9 Reps
Double DB Deadlifts (50lbs/35lbs)

*200m Run after each set of Deadlifts*
*Rest 2:00 Mins b/t sets*


20 Alt. Leg V-Ups
20 Situps
20 Bicycle Kicks
*Rest 1:00 Min b/t rounds*

1:00 Seal Stretch
1:00 Toe Touch Stretch
:30 Chest Stretch (each side)
Post scores to comments


7 thoughts on “Tuesday May 25, 2021

  1. Option 2 with 2 x 35lbs for deadlifts. Despite the nice breeze, the humidity was brutal. My runs kept feeling slower as each round progressed.
    Set 1: 4:16
    Set 2: 4:20
    Set 3: 4:22

  2. Went with the deadlifts at 2×#45
    Total time: 16:48
    R1. 4:40
    R2. 5:00
    R3. 5:08

    Nice to have warm weather, but the humidity this morning was oppressive. The air felt thick and heavy. Was huffing and puffing almost immediately. At least we did the deadlifts in the garage which was a few degrees cooler.

  3. I did yesterday’s WOD, too hot for running

    15 lb DB
    Did 7 PU due to shoulder

    9:58 for first set
    11:23 for second

    It’s a hot one today and it’s only 11 am!

  4. Still working on getting my running back. So slow. 2×45 for the deadlifts and those weren’t much of a problem but the 200m runs between just kicked my ass.


  5. Zoom with Anshita
    We had the same thoughts as Beth and did yesterday’s WOD too.
    Ring rows, push ups from knee and squats reps as written

  6. Yesterday’s workout today with Crystal!

    5/arm rows with #20, banded kneeling push-ups, did 20 sit ups instead of squats.
    So slow on push-ups.
    11 mins set 1, 10:18 set 2
    Total time: 24:18

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